Currently operating in Northamptonshire, we strive to provide high standards of accommodation for all our residents. Each of our facilities provide clean and comfortable living for our young people. We provide all our residents with a key and are urged to communicate and interact with the staff and other residents within the facility.

We work with the local authorities in order to provide value for money hence the prices are reflective of the risk assessment and the required levels of support. As such we always aim to provide facilities that more than meet our client’s expectations. All our properties are fully furnished and are fully covered under our contents business insurance.

Option A

  • 3 /4 bed house shared accommodation including 4hrs minimum support
  • Supervision based as per assessment.
  • High risk rate minimum hours purchased separately

Option B

  • Shared accommodation house with staff supervision
  • Based on Medium- High risk young people
  • Hours of support based on individual assessment
  • Sleep in staff purchased separately when required.

Option C – Parent and Child Assessment Centre

We offer a level of supervision appropriate to each assessed case including continuous supervision where required. Our dedicated staff are at hand to work closely with the parent and children in helping and encouraging them to develop their skills and evaluating the level of risk present if children are returned back into their community with their parents.

An initial assessment period of six weeks for settling in is utilised whilst supervising the parent(s) and children inc evaluating,

  • The history and family background,
  • skillsets of parents such as budgeting, planning basic household activities,
  • Parents ability to care and protect the children,
  • Relationship / interaction of parents and children,

Reviews are done on a weekly basis to ascertain any continued stay at our property and the way forward. We recognise that every individual is different and as such no one size fits all. We always put the welfare of the minor first at all times whilst promoting an environment that encourages self worth and confidence.

We can customise a bespoke package based on unique requirements of our clients.